Dear Supporter,

As a valued organization in the transportation industry within the Atlanta region, we are seeking your support.

As you may know, the Conference of Minority of Transportation Officials (COMTO), is the leading national advocate for employment diversity, inclusion and contracting opportunities in the multi-modal, multi-billion-dollar transportation industry.

This year, COMTO Atlanta is excited to carry out several local events and initiatives including, professional development, scholarship, political advocacy, partnership building and networking opportunities.

As we continue to make progress in furthering COMTO’s mission, we need your help. Your support and sponsorship enables COMTO Atlanta to make a significant impact through the advancement of minorities transportation professionals within the industry right here in the Metropolitan Atlanta area.

Click here for more information about our sponsorship brochure highlighting the various contribution levels and all the benefits offered to you as a sponsor and our commitment through partnership.

Let’s make a difference, together. Thank you in advance for your generosity.

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Aaron L. Davis